Photopolymer Gravure

Using  modern materials, methods and technology artists and photographers can tap into the alchemy that is gravure printing.  This site is dedicated to furthering this cherished look of lush tones and textures by giving the digital age a way to achieve soulfulness through ink and paper.


Featured Artist

Brenda Nelson

In 2015 Brenda came to MakingArtSafely 3 workshops including Direct to Plate gravure. She took what she learning straight back to her studio and has exhibited her new work since. Gallery


  1. -Lives in Santa Fe, NM

  2. -Printmaker for many years.

  3. -Builds images in the tradition of collage.


Photopolymer Gravure Direct to Plate with Solarplates.

Printed using Akua Intaglio Ink.

Continuing the tradition of pressing ink and magic on to paper.

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